National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

5 Ways to Elect Women in Washington

It's primary season again, and that means there are great opportunities to help elect women leaders across the state.  Here are five simple things you can do right now to help Women Win in Washington.  Elect Her


1.  Vote in the August Primary

The 2018 primary election will be held on August 6, and your ballots should be in your mailbox by July 22.  The primary is a critical time to support strong, pro-choice women candidates because we can’t elect them if they aren’t on the ballot November!  

The NWPC-WA endorsements committee has been hard at work interviewing women candidates around the state, for positions up and down the ballot, and we’re proud to endorse over 130 candidates!

Now is a great time to visit our endorsement page and prepare to turn out the vote for Washington women

2.  Volunteer

Have you met a candidate who inspires you?  Visit her candidate website and sign up to volunteer.  You can also visit her campaign headquarters to learn how you can help.  Here’s a great article from Marie Claire about the importance of volunteering on campaigns:  How to Volunteer For A Political Campaign and Change The World

3.  Fund Her Campaign

A donation helps your candidate in more ways than one. Candidates use funds to reach out to voters, but they also use fundraising records to show potential endorsers that their campaign is viable.  Check her website or call her campaign headquarters- any amount is warmly welcomed.

If you live in Seattle, you can assign your Democracy Vouchers to her campaign.  Click here to set up your Online Democracy Vouchers account so that you can assign your vouchers online!

4.  Talk Her Up

Tell your friends about your candidate!  Encourage them to register to vote and to return their ballot.  Mention her on social media. Your word is worth more than any glossy mailer.

5.  Contribute to NWPC-WA

NWPC-WA  conducts trainings every year on how to run for office, endorses pro-choice women, and invests in campaigns.  Your contribution can help us support women running for office across the state, regardless of party.  Click here to contribute.

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