National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

NWPC-WA Leadership

Executive Committee

President: Samantha Casne
Vice President, Democrat: Olgy Diaz
Vice President, Republican: VACANT*
Endorsements: Gail Bergeron and Vanessa Kritzer
Secretary: Christina Pedersen
Treasurer: Jason Bennett

Committee Chairs

Bylaws: Gail Bergeron
Communications: Constance McBarron
Diversity: Alexis Oliver and Olgy Diaz
Education & Training: Emily Wicks
Events: Bonnie Gail
Fundraising: Vanessa Kritzer
Membership: Lauren Currin

County LEAC (Local Endorsement Action Committee) Chairs

Clark County Endorsements: Gail Bergeron and Coralee Brewer
Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, and Pacific County Endorsements: Summer O'Neill and Amber Rosewood
King County Endorsements: Karen Heidergott, Sarah Bosley, and Julia Maywald
Kitsap County Endorsements: Ashley Gammell and Erin Hill
Pierce County Endorsements: Olgy Diaz
Snohomish County Endorsements: Emily Wicks and Christina Pedersen
Thurston County Endorsements: Ronda Larson and Negheen Kamkar

*If you are a pro-choice Republican, we’d love to chat!


Updated April 2018

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