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Let’s Work Smarter and Harder for Washingtonians

Rural areas like mine are struggling. My family has lived in rural Washington for generations, and for the last decade, I helped run a community health organization in Okanogan County. Years of experience has shown me that many hard-working families just can’t get ahead: the cost of living is rising faster than wages and many people no longer trust a political system that has left them behind. I entered this race for 12th District State House of Representatives because I have lived the issues and have spent my entire adult life in the trenches working with families to build a better future for all of us. 

COVID-19 has deepened the vulnerabilities in our community - a difficult situation has just become much worse. But COVID-19 is also shining a light on our shared belief that every person deserves safety and stability, from small business owners and farmworkers, to the elderly and healthcare workers. Rural people believe that if you work hard for a living, you should be able to care for yourself and your family.

Recovery from COVID-19 will stress our state budget and infrastructure at every level, and the solutions will not be simple. We have to live our shared rural values. This is a time for government to invest in our people and small businesses -- to bolster healthcare, support vulnerable households, spend smarter, and prevent small businesses from collapsing. 

Recovery from COVID-19 will require leadership from someone who has real experience solving tough issues and partnering across divides to get the work done. That’s why I’m in this race. I will use my experience to work smarter and harder for rural people, and all of us in Washington State, at a time when we need it most.


-Adrianne Moore, Candidate for Washington State House 12th LD, D

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