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Protecting Essential Workers with More than Gratitude

My name is T’wina Nobles, and I am running to be your next State Senator in Washington’s 28th Legislative District. I am a wife, a mother of four, a former small business owner, an educator and mentor, and University Place School Board Director. I also serve as the President and CEO of the Tacoma Urban League.

A few weeks ago, my 15-year-old son returned to work in the food service industry as more businesses have begun to re-open following the mandatory closures due to COVID-19. I have conflicting feelings about this. I am proud of my son for working, but I am also scared for his health and safety.

Before his first day back to work, we talked about how he has to be a leader in the workplace to keep himself and his teammates safe. He needs to wear a mask, bring and liberally use hand sanitizer, and proactively disinfectant surfaces. I told him he couldn’t just rely on his manager to keep everyone safe - not because his manager wouldn’t try hard enough, but because these unprecedented times call for more group action and leadership.

As folks in essential businesses continue to work and serve our community, and as the coming days see more businesses opening, workers must be guaranteed a safe working environment. This requires adequate social distancing, PPE provided by the employer, protections from being fired or retaliated against for reporting any violations, robust testing, and a more worker-centered approach. This means hazard pay for frontline workers. The risk they’re taking by serving their communities must be recognized with pay commensurate to the risk and not just with gratitude.

Workers in the 28th LD deserve a champion in the Senate. I understand the issues of this community because I am of this community. I am not beholden to special interests, and will always fight to protect essential workers in our community. That is why I am running.


-T’wina Nobles, Senatorial Candidate for Washington’s 28th Legislative District, D

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