National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

The Washington Women’s Cookbook is officially on sale! Head to their shop to pick up your copy.


About the Book

The Washington Women’s Cookbook: Good Eats and Votes for Women in 2020 features a collection of recipes, essays, profiles, interviews, and art from Pacific Northwest women about the intersections of food, community, and feminism. It is inspired by the original Washington Women’s Cookbook, which was published in 1909 by the Washington Equal Suffrage Association as a fundraiser during the 1909 to 1910 suffrage campaign. It was one of many in a long-standing tradition of charity cookbooks.

With our book, we hope to encourage women to vote not only in their own self-interest but in the interest of all women and marginalized folks. The American suffrage movement was largely exclusionary to women of color, and some white suffragists actively fought against securing voting rights for African Americans. The movement also aimed to alleviate white male voters of the worry that a woman with the right to vote would no longer fulfill her domestic duties. The mission of The 2020 Washington Women’s Cookbook explicitly rejects these tactics used by many of the white suffragists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

We aimed to make a book that is inclusive and reflective of all women who work toward equality in order to build a society in which women are free from discrimination and violence, have the right to choose, and are paid equally. We see this project as a way to amplify different voices around common themes—we wanted to share the voices of women of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized folks who have important stories to tell.

All of the money raised through the purchase of the book will be donated to Matriarch, a national political action committee dedicated to funding and endorsing working-class women in order to elect them into office, and the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington, a local organization dedicated to recruiting, training, and electing women to office.

We have the right to vote, but how are we going to use it?