National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

Allies of the Caucus 2021

Join the team of superheroes offering strength, support, and justice for women through NWPC-WA Allies of the Caucus 2021.

We know women, specifically women of color, face barriers when running for office and as they decide to represent and lead progress in their communities. We know they are held to different and higher standards than their male counterparts. We know that even women incumbents must show, not just tell voters their record, how they got results and helped people, making it harder for them to establish and prove their qualifications. And we know that a woman’s response to attacks on their record can maintain and impact their likeability and effectiveness. For women candidates, likeability is non-negotiable. Voters will vote for a man they do not like if they believe he is qualified but will not do the same for a woman. 

This is where you come in.

NWPC-WA needs to raise another $16,000 to support women of color and LGBTQIA+ candidates in competitive races. Races where they face an opponent who opposes or hinders our efforts to reach equality for all women, support reproductive freedoms, provide access quality dependent care, support marginalized communities and eradicate violence, poverty, and discrimination on any basis.

We need your help to support women candidates in pivotal races – women candidates that will join you in your work to make progress in your communities and champion our shared values.

Will you join us and become an Ally of the Caucus?

Our allies will receive access to the NWPC-WA’s network of supporters and followers, as well as unique opportunities to showcase their passion and support for women candidates across Washington state. But most importantly, they will receive fulfillment knowing they made a difference for a community that needs more compassionate, thoughtful, and hardworking leaders to work on their behalf.

Join our team of superheroes and help provide strength, support, and justice for all this November.

$1,240.00 raised
GOAL: $16,000.00

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