National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

5 Ways to Elect Women in Washington in 2016

So far, 2016 has been an incredible year for making herstory! Women are running for, and being elected to, offices nationwide. Not to mention, we have the first woman major party candidate for the highest office in the land. However, we have work to do in Washington state to achieve equity in elected offices.




Approximately 200 women have filed as candidates for office in Washington state, and NWPC-WA has endorsed over 60 of these women (and counting!). To these endorsed women, we provide resources for campaign guidance, PAC funds, and the partnership of our networks, but we can’t do it alone.


We depend on the women across Washington who care. We rely on the energies of our tireless volunteers, the donations of our contributors, and the voices of women and allies across the state to make every hard-fought race a success.


To the women who hear that women make up just over 30% of elected officials in Washington and say, “not good enough”; to those who see that, by current estimates, women will not receive equal pay in Washington until 2071 and cry out, “fight harder”; to our sisters who see women candidates attacked on the campaign trail not for their ideas, but for their status as a mother, their age, or their looks and say, “enough”; we need you.



We can do better!


Help us support the amazing women running for office, and make 2016 herstoric not just for Hillary Clinton, or for our nation, but also for the unstoppable women of Washington.


Here are 5 ways to get involved:

  1. Join the NWPC-WA:
    Your membership dues go directly to our PAC, which is distributed to our endorsed candidates throughout campaign season. Membership also allows you to stay in touch with the caucus, and be the first to know about volunteer opportunities, events, and calls to action.

  2. Donate to the NWPC-WA and campaigns you believe in, and encourage your friends to do the same:
    Statistically, men give more to campaigns, but women, especially young women, are now one of the most significant voting blocs in America. Giving is one way to effect change for issues you believe in, and build relationships with people who may represent you, especially women!

  3. Volunteer to interview candidates for NWPC-WA endorsement, or volunteer on a campaign you care about:
    If there are specific measures you’d like to see addressed, contact your elected representative or city council member with the issues you care about. Never be afraid to ask your candidates and elected representatives to work towards the change you want to see in your government.

  4. Check the NWPC-WA list of endorsed candidates, and be an informed voter this election season:
    NWPC-WA works to recruit, train, endorse, and elect women to office every year. The candidates we endorse share a commitment to reproductive freedom, and women’s social and economic equality.

  5. Most importantly, don’t forget to register to vote, and to encourage your friends and family to register to vote!:
    You can do this on the Washington Secretary of State website. The current cutoff is July 4th, so register today!

For more ways to get involved with endorsements, communications, fundraising, and more, contact us at [email protected].

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