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All in for Hillary

The National Women's Political Caucus officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States recently. Our own state steering committee member Samantha Casne shares why she is going all in for Hillary in 2016. 

Hillary_Clinton_Samantha_Casne.jpgI’ve been a Hillary supporter for a long time.  

I first worked for Hillary in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2007, and then went on to work for her in 8 other states. I literally committed 1,000 and 10 percent to her 2008 presidential campaign.

I committed all that time, energy and effort because of many factors. But most of all, I supported Hillary over any other presidential candidate because of her commitment to women and girls. 

I’m reminded of why this is so important almost on a daily basis. Just this month, we remembered Equal Pay Day.  We also remembered that a year ago, a group of Nigerian schools girls were kidnapped from their school while they were sitting for an exam. 

It’s a no brainer to me the connection between empowering women and girls and creating a more just and equal society. Hillary understands this connection and has focused on empowering women and girls as part of a broader strategy to strengthen societies around the globe.  

This is not a new thing for her. Hillary has always been involved in advancing the rights of women and girls, even as a young lawyer when she worked for the Children’s Defense Fund. 

As Secretary of State, she made women a cornerstone of US foreign policy. Across the globe, she explained that for nations to succeed and for economies to grow, women must be respected, empowered and be present at the leadership table. As a diplomat, she worked to provide the tools to make that happen.

Women’s leadership roles in society and empowering women and girls appear to be gaining in popularity. With the recent conversation happening in the news media about women in leadership, with Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” concept, and with the pay gap conversation, discussions about women’s societal roles seems to be taking off.  I’m excited by this conversation, especially because I see Hillary building on that momentum and propelling all of us to victory in 2016. 

To think we could have a president, a woman no less, who shares the values and commitment to empowering women and girls is exhilarating.  

I’m #ready for Hillary in 2016! If you are, and would like to help get her elected, find more information at

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