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An Opportunity to Pause and Change

I am a small business owner. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had 110 team members but we’ve had to furlough 77 of them. At this rate, I expect that we can stay in business for 3 more months and then will need to shut our doors. None of our positions require college, so we have a career path for all kinds of people, and the jobs here support many families. I don’t believe that health care should be tied to employment—we are the only country in the world that delivers healthcare in this way. Many of the members on our team would like to return to work but cannot access childcare, and their unemployment benefits are stretched to take care of the family and to purchase health coverage. We knew this was the deeply flawed system we had. Now is our opportunity to pause and change it. 

We have learned that families can work from home; and that our air is cleaner as a result.

We have learned that basic health care should be provided by the state, with a choice of doctors and doctors remaining in private practice, and options to buy additional private insurance; and that substance use and behavioral health should be provided on a walk-in basis. 

We have learned that unemployment benefits should not be tied to previous employment—all people need access to benefits when they need them, regardless of their employment history.

We have learned that we can learn about candidates virtually, and with very little money involved. This is our chance to get money out of politics. 

We know, and now it’s in stark relief, that schools were often a safe place for our kids. Some kids are not safe at home. The frailties of our families and the need to protect our most vulnerable are our core mission, now more than ever.


-Rep. Amy Walen, Incumbent Running for Reelection in Washington's 48th LD, Democrat

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