National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

Celebrating 2018 Campaign Heroines

Each year, as the election comes to a close, we ask our endorsed women candidates to nominate a woman who helped them on their campaign. Our candidates nominate campaign managers, brilliant strategists, high school door-belling volunteers, and even their moms or daughters. Here's our list for 2018.


People think of politics as a cesspool. That politicians are greedy, campaigns are inherently nasty. Every year, NWPC-WA holds an annual event to prove the opposite is true when women come together to celebrate their hard work on campaigns - The annual Heroines Awards.


The room fills with women of all ages, races, and backgrounds from all over Washington state, the common thread connecting everyone is simply that they worked hard to support a woman they believe in. Our candidates take turns standing up and personally thanking the Heroine(s) they have nominated, presenting them with a certificate of appreciation and a rose. The behind-the-scenes work that supported these women candidates is brought out into a spotlight for all of us to admire. There are handshakes, hugs, and sometimes tears. The magic of powerful women lifting each other up fills the air, leaving everyone inspired and empowered.


Below is a list of the fantastic women who were honored this year. Join us in thanking them and their hard work in making this year such a resounding victory for women in politics!

Angela Di Filippo

Juliana da Cruz

Eileen Cowen

Kristina O. Melnichenko

Melody Risner

Linda Selsor

Rachel Alger

Izzy Goodman

Ashley Jackson

Chris Petzold

Sarah Perry

Taylor Jurgens

Tanya Lavoy

Kim-Khanh T. Van

Haley Lowrance

Mina Mercer

Regina Chae

Crystal Fincher

Jennifer Hurley

Catherine Esterly-Williams

Nilofar Ganjaie

Katherine Bobman

Delancey Lane

Tai Yang-Abreau

Amelia Brown

Lori Curling Sarancik

Linda Nguyen

Lori Liddle

Joceyln Harris Wood

Holly Knutson

Maria Beltran

Megan Dunn

Hamdi Mohamed

Laurel Oden

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