National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

Event honors 2014 campaign heroines

This month, the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington (NWPC-WA) brought together heroines from across the state who were integral to this year’s campaigns. These heroines knocked on thousands of doors, made hundreds of calls, sacrificed many weekends and lost countless hours of sleep, all in support of the campaign. For many of these women, their work and the superhuman efforts remained behind the scenes.

On Sunday, December 7, these women came out from behind the curtain and were honored at the Heroines of 2014 Award Ceremony, a reception that took place at Gilda’s Club on Seattle's Capitol Hill. At the annual event, more than 20 women were celebrated for their hard work over the past year. Each campaign heroine received a certificate, rose and a one-year membership in the NWPC-WA.

Women electeds in attendance included U.S Representative Suzan DelBene, State Representatives Christine Kilduff and Gael Tarleton, Seattle City Councilmembers Sally Clark and Jean Godden, and Sultan Mayor Carolyn Eslick. These electeds either nominated women on their campaigns or came in support of these exceptional leaders.

“This is my favorite event of the year,” said Liz Berry, president of the NWPC-WA. “We had some hard races this year and some tough battles until the bitter end, but these women never gave up and were the backbone of their team. There is no better time to celebrate their achievements and all that they do.” 

Leading up to the event, women on the campaign trail had the opportunity to nominate an outstanding heroine, a woman who was indispensable to their campaign. As we all know, the election was a mixed bag for Washington state. These heroines were in incredibly tight races and up against unbeatable incumbents, fundraising powerhouses and a shift in the political winds. While not all races were won, the contributions of these invaluable women are significant. 

As we look to 2015, with only a net gain of one woman in the legislature, there is still much to be done. We will look to these heroines to support and lead efforts for new women candidates in the upcoming state and federal races. Will you be among the heroines celebrated at next year's event? 

If you're interested in helping get women elected, contact the NWPC-WA for more information.

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