National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

How You Can Help Elect a Woman-Powered Washington

VotersGuideGraphic.jpgWhen the Supreme Court sided with Hobby Lobby earlier this year, five men told every woman that the rights of corporations are more important than women’s access to basic healthcare.

And when the U.S. Senate failed to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act - twice - they told all of our daughters that no matter how much they achieve, their work will never be worth the same as their male counterparts.

Why This Election is Vital

Our state has a long and proud history of supporting women’s rights. But even here in Washington we are losing ground.

Just one thing stands between a state that is moving our country forward when it comes to women's equality: electing more women to our state legislature on November 4.

Next month's election is critical. Washington women could lose access to basic healthcare. We could undo years of progress towards funding a family leave bill or passing a statewide Paycheck Transparency Act.  

Electing women to office has never been more important. NWPC-WA needs your help to elect a pro-woman majority. Election Day is drawing closer rapidly, and across our state, women candidates still need our help if we want to elect a woman-powered Washington.

What You Can Do Today

Thanks to you and your support NWPC-WA’s Campaign Fund PAC has already given out more than $28,000 to endorsed candidates - more than any year in four decades off advocacy. Your donations have allowed us to double our impact in these critical races.

But now we need the most important thing you have to give - your vote. Ballots are arriving in mailboxes across Washington. Want to elect a woman-powered Washington? Support our 2014 endorsed candidates with your ballot, and make sure to remind your family and friends to vote for a pro-woman Washington. 

The Bottom Line

Washington women can't afford to wait for leaders who will champion women and their families. Help us win in November by supporting NWPC-WA's endorsed candidates today. 

Women’s access to health care. Equal pay. Family leave. That's what’s on the table if we elect a woman-powered Washington in November. Join us today with your vote and support.

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