National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

More than Ready for November!

Women candidates across Washington state reached an important milestone earlier this month – the primary election. With 80 percent of our endorsed women candidates on the primary ballot making it in the top-two, there will be a whopping 135 NWPCWA-endorsed candidates on the ballot in November. These candidates need your help to get across the finish line and into public office! Check out our summary below of some notable wins across the state! 

THANK YOU! The generous support of our donors during the primary helped NWPC-WA give $20,000 in campaign contributions to pro-choice, first-time women candidates across Washington state! Now, we need your help to repeat this for the general election. 


Just $50 can fund a roll of stamps for thank you cards, 500 texts to voters, half a month of a health care stipend for a campaign manager, 50 pieces of campaign literature to use while knocking doors, or an afternoon of childcare while they are out talking to their neighbors. Donate $50 (or more) and help us give another $20,000 (or more) to the passionate, hard-working women candidates running across Washington state. 

Notable Primary Races

In southeast Washington, Chauné Fitzgerald leads the way in her race for Richland City Council with 42.67 percent of the vote, knocking out a male incumbent who has served since 1994. Pasco Council candidate Nikki Torres received the most votes and 39.51 percent in a four-way race with three men. In Walla Walla, City Council Candidate Terri Trick heads into the general election as the leading candidate with 48.96 percent of the vote. 

In Clark County, Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Olge made it easily through the primary, while Kim Harless, running for the first time for Vancouver City Council, led the way in a four-way race with 37.56 percent. Meanwhile Diana Perez, another first-time city council candidate, received 51.34 percent of the vote, but she needs our help in the general election when her opponents pile on.

In King County, we are thrilled to be able to put our full force and support behind Lorena González for Seattle Mayor! And congratulations to King County Council Candidates Sarah Perry and Kim-Khanh Van who are both headed to the general election. Carmen Rivera, first-time candidate running for Renton City Council, led the way in her five-way race with 37.89 percent, and SeaTac City Council candidate Iris Guzman led the way in position 6 with 44.07 percent. 

In Kitsap County, Bremerton City Council candidate Melissa Watkinson led the race with 27.49 percent of the vote against seven--that’s right, SEVEN--male opponents! And Sherese Hegwood leads the way to the general election with 41.46 percent of the vote for Central Kitsap School District Director.

In Pierce County Mary Bacon leads her 9-way race for Port of Tacoma Commissioner. Jeni Woock, running for Gig Harbor City Council, received a whopping 71.44 percent in her three-way race. Elizabeth Grasher received the most votes and 31.1 percent in her four-way race for Steilacoom Town Council, and Tacoma City Council candidates Catherine Ushka and Anne Artman are both headed to the general. 

In Thurston County, Amy Evans will advance to the general in the race for Olympia Port Commissioner, and Lisa Parshley will advance in the race for Olympia City Council.

In Snohomish County, Linda Redmond received 52.97 percent in her race for Snohomish Mayor against a known Proud Boy-friendly incumbent. Alicia Crank, running for Edmonds City Council, is nearly tied with her opponent and will head to the general. Everett City Council District 5 candidate Demi Chatters is headed to the primary and needs our help! Cindy Gobel, running for Marysville City Council against a long-time male incumbent, will head to the general with 44.16 of the votes and a chance to earn more votes in the general from her three-way primary race. First-time candidate Melissa Duque, running for Mill Creek City Council, had a great showing with 48.34 percent of the vote, and Dr. Nina Kim Hanson, in a three-way race for Lake Stevens City School District, leads the candidates with 39.84 percent!

In Spokane, Naghmana Sherazi will head to the general for Spokane City Council, and with 42.91 percent of the vote in an 8-way race, Dr. Melissa Bedford running for Spokane School Board is headed to the general election as well. 

In Whatcom County, Kristina Michele Martens, for Bellingham City Council and Kaylee Galloway for Whatcom County Council both blew away the opposition with 55.34 and 55.08 percent of the vote, respectively. And Kelly Krieger, candidate for Port of Bellingham Commissioner, and Kate Bishop, candidate for Ferndale City Council, will both advance to the primary. 

Join our team and help us endorsed candidates in the years to come! As an all-volunteer organization, we can't recruit, train, and elect women to all levels of office in Washington without help. The endorsement process requires a great deal of volunteer assistance. We currently have Local Endorsement Action Committees in Benton, Clark, Franklin, Walla Walla County, Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, and Pacific County, King County, Kitsap County, Pierce County, Snohomish County, and Thurston County. We always need more volunteers and can always cover more Washington state counties! If you're interested in participating with an interview team or organizing one, your help would be appreciated. For more information, please email i[email protected].

Have money to contribute but not the time to give? All donations you make will go directly to our Women-Powered Campaign Fund, which fuels women running in the most competitive races all across the state. 

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