National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

Persistence in the Face of a Global Pandemic


The stress brought on by COVID-19 continues to shape the way we look at politics—but the National Women's Political Caucus of Washington persists in our dedication to increasing womxn's participation in the political process and fueling the pipeline of women to elected office. I can’t stress enough the need for all of us to stay home, stay healthy but also to stay engaged. Here’s why.

Several state legislatures, including Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma, have been using this crisis as cover to deem abortion a non-essential procedure. Anti-choice politicians often use moments of distress to advance their nefarious agenda, but this attack is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Women Working

We know that womxn are disproportionately impacted by the economic fallout of COVID-19 as we struggle for wage equity and make up a much higher percentage of “essential” workers—75 percent of healthcare workers and a higher percentage of service workers. And as some womxn work from home due to the pandemic, studies indicate that an unequal burden of childcare, homeschool responsibilities and domestic labor is falling on womxn.  Sadly, this crisis is only amplifying the inequities we long knew existed. There are critical safety issues at stake, with domestic violence and sexual assault rates skyrocketing as survivors shelter-in-place with their abusers. The need for women in positions of leadership and authority has never been clearer.

The only way to we can help close the gender pay gap, increase access and availability of childcare, defend domestic violence victims and protect our reproductive freedom is by electing more womxn to public office.


 Emily Wicks

Emily Wicks-Day 
President, NWPC-WA

Votes for WomenCandidate Trainings Start in May!

Every year, NWPC-WA gathers womxn leaders from all over Washington to learn from local campaign experts about running for office. This of course is not a normal year—but our mission remains the same.

Our 2020 Virtual Campaign and Candidate Trainings will be held at 8 a.m. every Saturday morning during the months of May and June. Registration provides participants with 10 live and recorded trainings covering everything from field to messaging, to social media and fundraising. Our trainings are a great resource for womxn candidates, campaign managers and volunteers—providing insight from, and connections with, the most prominent political consultants across our state. 

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You Should RunWant to Help Fuel the Pipeline?

We need you to help us identify promising future leaders! We know there are fabulous womxn in your life that you hope will run for office or work behind the scenes to make change—they’re running your favorite local businesses, volunteering for your child’s PTA and working alongside you making a difference in your community. We hope you’ll consider nominating one or two of these amazing leaders to attend our trainings.

Simply fill out THIS FORM

Be sure to include the best way to contact them, and we will get in touch to let them know they have a cheerleader in their corner! 


Want to go a Step Further?  Donate!

More womxn are being elected and we continue to move closer to parity in representation at all levels of government. In 2019 we witnessed many successes for womxn across our state and across the country. These accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without your support and encouragement during our time in Washington state and we want to keep the momentum going – even through these hard times!

Get Endorsed

Are you a pro-choice womxn running for public office—from local school board to Congress? If so, NWPC-WA wants to help you succeed by endorsing you and supporting your campaign! To qualify for the Caucus’ endorsement, candidates must identify as a woman or non-binary. You must demonstrate support for equal rights, reproductive freedom and social equity and justice for womxn. Additionally, you must have a competitive campaign plan.

Our endorsement process has begun and our questionnaires are live.  Find them HERE.

For more information about our endorsement process, please email [email protected] and be sure to include the position you are running for and the jurisdiction it represents.


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