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Seattle Councilwomen: We stand with you


Seattle's five city councilwomen are under attack from misogynists for taking a no vote on a land use proposal related to the proposed Sonics Arena. In the past 24 hours, they have been physically threatened, sexually harassed, and reduced to voting no because they "don't understand sports". 

As reported by Erica C. Barnett in the C is for Crank:

The insults, which can be summarized as “You cunt,” “Die,” “Get back in the kitchen,” and “women are subhuman,” may be familiar territory for women who spend a lot of time having opinions on the Internet. But they’re unprecedented in recent memory for the Seattle City Council, and give the council’s five-woman majority an unwanted taste of what happens when female public figures fail to “know their place” — by, say, voting against an arena supported by a large, mobbish clique of male sports fans.  It says something that the sexist vitriol against these five women with the temerity to hold local elected office only bubbled over once men were no longer a majority of the council.

Join us in sending a strong message of support to our Seattle City Councilwomen: We stand with you, and we will not tolerate this misogyny on our watch. We will hand-deliver your signatures to the Councilmembers Bagshaw, González, Herbold, Juarez, and Sawant. This week's actions remind us that sexism is alive and well, and we must redouble our efforts to stomp it out at every turn. As women band together to shatter glass ceilings in government, in the boardroom, and on Main Street, it is up to us to loudly and proudly stand with these women and let our feminist flags fly. 


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