National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

Share Your Ideas for 2017

The sound of shattered glass ceilings on Election Day will be tremendous, but we know our work isn't done. As the New York Times just reported

"Even as Americans near a vote that could elect the nation’s first female president, the pipeline isn’t filling up. The number of women serving in office stalled in the 1990s. Women now make up 19 percent of members of Congress, 25 percent of state legislators, 12 percent of governors and 18 percent of mayors. Recent data show the gender gap is just as glaring for the next generation of leaders."

Even as we're nearing the election of our first woman president, our work must double down to build a strong pipeline of women who are ready to run and win. In the last year, NWPC-WA trained over 100 women to run for public office. These women are counting on us to provide them the roadmap and financial resources to launch a winning campaign for public office. 

Help us make that happen! Tell us what you want to see in 2017 and how you can help us elect a women-powered Washington!