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Shifting Campaigns in the Time of Covid

I have knocked on thousands of doors for other candidates. That was always the plan to help win the 6th District seat for Pierce County Council. However, when Washington state went into isolation, I knew right away that I would have to change strategies if I wanted to win.

So how do you make contact with voters? How do you learn about the areas you plan to represent? How do I make connections with the people that are concerned about the future of our county and the 6th District specifically? How do you campaign?

The key is figuring out what you were trying to accomplish, and then create that same interaction, but with the use of technology. Social distancing has made it impossible for myself or my volunteers to show up at your door, but that doesn’t mean we cannot call you on the phone. Holding a public meeting at the local library is not possible, but we can arrange to meet on Zoom and invite those that live in that area. You want people to get to know you, increase your posts through social media, but make them more personal and include things beyond your campaign.

Candidates across the country have found ways to continue getting their message out there, and I believe that people truly understand right now how very important it is to elect compassionate, creative, and well-organized leaders. Too many things are being over-looked. Too many people are not having their needs met. Too many people are being left behind. So, we call, we invite, we meet online, we reach out and connect, because that is what we must do to change.


-Jani Hitchen, Candidate for Pierce County Council District 6

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