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    2019 Annual Meeting

    2019 Annual Meeting








    Join us as we chart out the course for our work in 2019 at our Annual Membership Meeting. 

    We will enjoy a speaking panel featuring newly elected women leaders (to be announced soon!), and we will hold officer elections. If you are able, please consider bringing gently used winter coats and clothing to donate to Mary's Place. 

    January 13, 2019 at 3pm
    Mary's Place
    1830 9th Ave
    Seattle, WA 98101
    United States
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    2018 Men for Women tickets

    Join us on July 26 for sunshine, a Seattle roof deck, and a room packed full of men in support of women candidates. Be like Will Smith and support the women in your life! All proceeds from this event support our 2018 Campaign Fund. Together, we can elect a women-powered Washington. 


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    May Hutton Society 2018

    Please complete this page to purchase your ticket for May Hutton 2018.


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    Run Like a Girl T-Shirt

    19 donors
    25 donors

    Order your "Run Like a Girl T-Shirt" today!

    T-shirts are grey, unisex with purple text and image. 

    Sizes from from XS to 2XL. 

    Once payment is made, message Emily Wicks at with your shirt size.




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    Complete the form below to purchase your tickets to Wonder Women: NWPC-WA's 2017 Candidate Event & Celebration 


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    Sign the petition: Seattle Councilwomen: We stand with you

    Seattle Councilwomen: We stand with you


    Seattle's five city councilwomen are under attack from misogynists for taking a no vote on a land use proposal related to the proposed Sonics Arena. In the past 24 hours, they have been physically threatened, sexually harassed, and reduced to voting no because they "don't understand sports". 

    1,853 signatures

    As reported by Erica C. Barnett in the C is for Crank:

    The insults, which can be summarized as “You cunt,” “Die,” “Get back in the kitchen,” and “women are subhuman,” may be familiar territory for women who spend a lot of time having opinions on the Internet. But they’re unprecedented in recent memory for the Seattle City Council, and give the council’s five-woman majority an unwanted taste of what happens when female public figures fail to “know their place” — by, say, voting against an arena supported by a large, mobbish clique of male sports fans.  It says something that the sexist vitriol against these five women with the temerity to hold local elected office only bubbled over once men were no longer a majority of the council.

    Join us in sending a strong message of support to our Seattle City Councilwomen: We stand with you, and we will not tolerate this misogyny on our watch. We will hand-deliver your signatures to the Councilmembers Bagshaw, González, Herbold, Juarez, and Sawant. This week's actions remind us that sexism is alive and well, and we must redouble our efforts to stomp it out at every turn. As women band together to shatter glass ceilings in government, in the boardroom, and on Main Street, it is up to us to loudly and proudly stand with these women and let our feminist flags fly. 


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    Hello! You can help us recruit, train, and elect pro-choice women to office in Washington state. Donate today to fund our Women-Powered Campaign Fund - Washington’s only multi-partisan PAC dedicated to electing more progressive, pro-choice women candidates to public office. Every dollar you give to our PAC goes directly to our endorsed candidates. Thank you for your support!


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