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Bill Highlight #1: Increasing women’s representation on boards in Washington state

Why has the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington been working for over 40 years to recruit, train, and elect women to office in Washington state? Because when women lead, all women win. With that in mind, we are tracking 2019 legislation that would have a significant impact on the lives of Washington women.

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Why Stacey Abrams Matters to Washington Women

Last night, something pretty remarkable happened in America. 


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Celebrating 2018 Campaign Heroines

Each year, as the election comes to a close, we ask our endorsed women candidates to nominate a woman who helped them on their campaign. Our candidates nominate campaign managers, brilliant strategists, high school door-belling volunteers, and even their moms or daughters. Here's our list for 2018.


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A great night for Washington women!

Washington women won in 2018!

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2018: The next Year of the Woman

This is a historic year for women running for political office. Article after article has been written about the record-breaking primary wins at the Congressional level, for good reason. A total of 256 women will be on the general election ballot for Congress in November, exponentially more than ever before. More than one third of the women nominated for the House of Representatives identify as women of color; more than 400 candidates for public office this year identify as LGBTQ; women with young children are putting their motherhood front and center in their campaigns; and America is poised to elect both the first Muslim-American woman and first Native-American woman to Congress.

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Why Should We Have More Women in Office? Because We Need Their Negotiation Styles


It was women that ended the 2013 federal government shutdown. Led by Republican Susan Collins, they were responsible for coming up with a starting point that brought both sides back to the table. Not only is this notable because it ended the shutdown, but it’s a clear example of how important it is to have women in elected office.

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National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington Stands Behind Endorsed Candidates Who Were the Target of Overt Voter Suppression Mail

WASHINGTON STATE -- A conservative and anti-choice political group has distributed purposefully misleading mail posing as pro-choice organizations in a blatant attempt at voter suppression. The National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington (NWPC-WA) stands strongly behind our endorsed candidates who are the targets of these deceitful ads, including Erin Fraiser, candidate for state representative in the 19th district, and Jessa Lewis, candidate for state senate in the 6th legislative district.

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5 Minutes With... Emily Randall, Candidate for State Senate 26th LD

Emily Randall








We sat down with Emily Randall, candidate for Washington state senate in the 26th legislative district.

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2018 Legislative Wins for Women

Board member Kiana Scott shares some of the significant legislation that passed this year that benefits women in Washington state.


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