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    Our 2020 Endorsements

    2020 is a big year for statewide offices, federal congressional districts, and state legislative seats. Check back often as we roll out our endorsements for this year.

    Are you running for office and seeking an endorsement? We're scheduling interviews! You'll find helpful information on our Get Endorsed page. 

    Want to support our work? As an all-volunteer organization, we can't recruit, train, and elect women to all levels of office in Washington alone. All donations you make will go directly to our Women-Powered Campaign Fund, which is fueling women running in close races all across the state. Let's help them win in November! DONATE today! 

    The endorsement process requires a great deal of volunteer assistance. If you're interested in participating with an interview team or organizing one, your help would be appreciated. For more information, please email info[at]



    The National Women's Political Caucus screens and endorses candidates for federal-level offices, provided with the input of the local and state organizations





    Pat McCarthy

    Pat (Patrice) McCarthy
    Washington State Auditor

    Pat McCarthy is the 11th Washington State Auditor, and became the first woman elected to the position when she took the oath of the office in 2017. She previously served as a School Board Director and Executive for the 2nd largest county in the State of Washington, being the first woman to hold that position. She received a BA from the University of Washington Tacoma Campus. She has served on many boards over her long career. As a founding member of Rape Relief in the 70's, she was bestowed the honor as an Emeritis member of the Pierce County Sexual Assault Center. Pat has been married for 44 years to her husband John McCarthy and has 4 adult children and 11 grandchildren. Her husband John is a retired judge who currently holds an elected position on the Tacoma Port Commission. Her son Conor was reelected to the Tacoma City Council. Two of her three daughters are prosecutors and her other daughter is a UWT advisor. Raising strong women and an enlightened son are accomplishments.

    Noel Frame

    Noel Frame
    36th LD State Representative
    Position 1

    State Representative Noel Frame has represented Seattle’s 36th Legislative District since 2016. A former foster parent, she champions issues affecting children, youth and young adults, including the child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health systems. She is the Co-Chair of the Children’s Mental Health Work Group and is a member of the Partnership Council for Juvenile Justice. She is an unabashed tax nerd, working to change our state’s regressive tax code to make it more equitable for low- and middle-income individuals and small, start-up and low margin businesses. She serves on the House Finance Committee and Co-Chairs the Tax Structure Work Group. Noel lives in Greenwood and works as a community development and planning consultant for BDS Planning & Urban Design, a small business located in the 36th’s Belltown neighborhood. Noel has a 20-year career in community and political organizing and communications.

    Tanisha Harris

    Tanisha Harris
    17th LD State Representative
    Position 1

    Tanisha Harris was born & raised in Vancouver, Washington. Tanisha earned her Associate’s Degree and a Bachelor’s of Social Science with concentrations in Human Development, Psychology and Sociology from Clark College and Washington State University-Vancouver. Tanisha spent 10 years working for the Evergreen School District in the field of multicultural and diversity education. Tanisha now works as a CASA Program Specialist for the YWCA Clark County, where she advocates for children in the Dependency/Foster Care system and supervises CASA volunteers. Tanisha is the 17th LD Democrats State Committeewoman & Washington State Democrats Executive Board Member. Tanisha serves as a member of LICWAC (Local Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committee), Co-Chair of Evergreen Citizens for Schools, Member of the City of Vancouver Task Force for Council Representation, Member of the Clark College Presidential Search Advisory Committee and is a member of Clark County NAACP.

    Sharon Tomiko Santos

    Sharon Tomiko Santos
    37th LD State Representative
    Position 1

    Elected in 1998, Sharon Tomiko Santos represents the most diverse legislative district in Washington state. Her concern for women, immigrants and refugees, and people of color is well-known. In 1996, Santos was an Honoree of the Washington State Women’s Political Caucus; in 2006, she received the Hate Free Zone Leadership in Justice in Government award; and, in 2019, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Organizing Committee gave her their Lifetime Achievement award. As a legislator, Santos is a recognized champion of civil rights. She has sponsored legislation to repeal Initiative 200, which eliminated affirmative action policies in higher education, public employment, and contracting for women and people of color. Santos is the Chair of the House Education Committee and sits on the Consumer Protection & Business and the Capital Budget committees. A graduate of the Evergreen State College and Northeastern University, Santos worked in banking, in local government, and in non-profit management.

    Tara Senn

    Tara Senn
    41st  LD State Representative
    Position 1

    State Representative Tana Senn is a proven champion for women's rights, empowerment and leadership. Her multi-year effort to pass the Equal Pay Opportunity Act resulted in one of the strongest equal pay laws in the country and the first update to Washington's equal pay laws in 75 years. Tana consistently focuses on issues that make life easier for working families. This year, her leadership on childcare issues has helped build a broad coalition of children's advocates, business, women's groups and childcare providers to make childcare more accessible and affordable and help children, families and the economy grow strong. After earning her MPA from Columbia University, Tana worked in communications and government relations for nonprofits and foundations and served as a Mercer Island City Council member for three years before becoming a State Representative. Tana has served as a board member for Hopelink, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Mercer Island Youth and Family Services, etc.

    Donna Sinclair

    Donna Sinclair
    18th LD State Representative
    Position 2

    Donna Sinclair is a public historian and educator. She earned both an M.A. in History from Portland State University (PSU) and a Ph.D. in Urban Studies. Sinclair’s public history work includes digital technology projects and public programs at the Center for Columbia River History, writing social histories for the National Park Service and managing major oral history projects throughout the Northwest. She teaches Public History, Western Women’s History, US History, Pacific Northwest History, and Gender and Public Policy, among other courses, at WSU Vancouver, Portland State University, and Western Oregon University. Her dissertation project focused on the constraints, advancement, and historical agency of women and minorities in the U.S. Forest Service in the late twentieth century. She recently published a collaboratively written memoir of the first African American woman forest supervisor in the nation: Gloria Brown and the Unmarked Trail to Forest Service Leadership (Oregon State University)

    Amy Walen

    Amy Walen
    48th LD State Representative
    Position 2

    Amy was born in Oregon and studied and practiced law in Australia before moving to Kirkland, Washington in 2005 with her husband Jim. Amy was elected to the Kirkland City Council in 2009, and was selected by her colleagues on the Council to serve as Mayor in 2014. As Mayor of Kirkland she raised Kirkland’s profile in local, regional, and state-wide initiatives such as transportation infrastructure and strategic economic development, including revitalizing the Totem Lake Business District. She championed mandatory inclusion of affordable housing in residential developments and enacted source of income discrimination ordinance for Section 8 housing. She has served in the legislature since 2019.



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    Looking Ahead to 2020


    Recruiting, training, and electing women since 1971

    Lady Liberty

    Walk the Marble

    Sunday, January 12, 2020 1:00 p.m.


    National Women's March

    Saturday, January 18, 2020 11:00 a.m. 


    Women Candidate Training

    March 28*
    April 25
    May 2*
    May 30

    *WA women of color only

    Women's Suffrage Events

    Votes for Women:  100 Years and Counting

    Women's Suffrage Centennial



    We Have Work to Do

    Emily WicksThis is an organization like no other and I am honored to serve as its leader during such a momentous year – the centennial celebration of women’s suffrage – 100 years of a woman’s right to vote. 

    Wow. That actually really sucks. That means that 143 of the years in which the United States has had independence, women didn’t have a damn say. 

    During that time, laws, decided only by men, made it so women ceased to legally exist once married to a man. Laws, decided only by men, forced women out of government jobs, and denied them access to birth control. Laws, decided only by men, prevented women from accessing higher education, any of the professions and, as written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 

     “nearly all the profitable employments”. 

    These laws, decided by men (usually white) especially excluded and created additional barriers for women of color.

    At this week’s Golden Globes, Michelle Williams offered a challenge to all of us, 

    “So, women 18 to 118, when it is time to vote please do so in your self-interest. It's what men have been doing for years, which is why the world looks so much like them. But don't forget we are the largest voting body in this country. Let's make it look more like us.”

    It truly is essential that we turn out to vote, but voting isn’t enough.  Women’s rights and Suffrage are not synonymous terms. It’s when women vote, and when women get elected that we are able to slowly peel back a system that worked against women, and thus, against a more just and thriving society for all. 

    Equal opportunity for women to advance is still at risk, but the year 2020 could mark the beginning of a major shift. Womxn need to vote, womxn need to get elected, and womxn need to get involved and stay involved.

    We have work to do. Join the cause – and the Caucus. 

     Emily Wicks

    Emily Wicks-Day 
    President, NWPC-WA

    Walk the Marble Legislative Preview Event

    Sunday, January 12 | 1 p.m. 

    Join NWPC-WA members as we prepare to walk the marble in 2020! Hear from Washington State Representative and Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore Tina Orwall, learn about 2020 legislation that affects women and families, network with movers and shakers from across Washington state, and learn how you can make a difference!

    RSVP Here

    National Women's March

    National Women's March, Seattle | Bellingham

    Saturday, January 18, 2020 | 11 a.m. 

    NWPC-WA is helping to mobilize Washington women to participate sister marches in their communities. The 2020 Women’s March marks three years of resistance and three years of building power together.

    No matter what issue we are fighting for, no matter how we fight for justice, women are always stronger when we fight united. The Women’s March has knitted together a powerful movement of people who share a common belief that freedom is for everyone, without exception. In 2020, #WomenRise and from our doorsteps to the White House, we’re going all in to fight for our future. 

    Interested in joining NWPC-WA at the March? Contact our President, Emily Wicks at and learn more HERE.

     Candidate Trainings for Women are Back

    NWPC-WA’s popular trainings start in March, and thanks to a grant from our national organization, they include two trainings exclusively for women of color. 

    There are a ton of ways to be involved and make a difference. Sponsor a future candidate or campaign manager, serve on the planning committee, or advertise your consulting business to women looking for someone to help them win in 2020. Contact NWPC-WA Training and Education Chair, Christina Pedersen at and save the dates: 

    • March 28 – Women of Color Candidate Training only*
    • April 25 
    • May 2 - Women of Color Candidate Training only*
    • May 30

    Your Membership Matters

    Members are the reason this all-volunteer run organization is able to do the important work of getting women elected! Join NWPC-WA today and you’ll receive a free “Run like a Girl” t-shirt! 

    NWPC-WA Members are also able to serve as part of the candidate endorsement process and help guide the future of the Caucus.  

    Join HERE!

    Endorsements Propel our Women Candidates

    Speaking of endorsements. We’re gearing up for a big election year. From the US President to Congress, to state-wide races and the state legislature, women are needed on every level.

    Whether you’re considering a run, considering joining a campaign, or just want to be instrumental in the effort to reach parity in government representation, NWPC-WA endorsements are where it starts.

    Learn More.

    Women’s Suffrage and the Washington State Historical Society

    Women's SuffrageThe Washington State Historical Society and the Washington Women's History Consortium are working together to support events and programs related to the Women's Suffrage Centennial. Visit their site to learn about the projects they are supporting and their upcoming events, and access free centennial exhibits and curriculum. 

    Mark your calendar for the Votes for Women Centennial Festival at the State Capitol on August 22, 2020 and visit to find out how you can mark this important milestone in American history and celebrate women in your community.

    Caucus Executive Committee

    President: Emily Wicks
    Vice President, Democrat: Sarah Bosley
    Vice President, Republican: Nancy Slotnick
    Endorsements: Gail Bergeron & Catherine Minch
    Secretary: Jen Levallee
    Treasurer: Katherine Bobman

    Visit our Leadership page for a full list of Committee Chairs and Local Endorsement Action Committee chairs.  



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    See you in Vancouver on April 28!

    Thank you for registering for the 2018 Candidate Training at the Hilton Hotel Vancouver Saturday, April 28.

    Details are below and additional information will be provided as the training date nears. If you have any questions, contact 

    *Concerned about childcare? Let us know and we will work with you! 

     Training Details: 

    Hilton Hotel Vancouver
    Saturday, April 28, 2018
    9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    *Check in begins at 8:30 a.m. 

Communications Coordinator at the Marysville School District Education and Training Co-Chair for NWPC-WA
Join NWPC-WA Endorsements Events and Trainings